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Blog 22/06/2021

Who Is The Angel Investor

One of the first things that come to our mind when we talk about Startup is angel investors, who invest in an entrepreneurial enterprise that is at the beginning of the road, who support capital(finance) for the growth and development of businesses. Angel investors are expressed as a special type of investor that provides investment in businesses with high risk and high growth potential at an early turn of their organizations. In this article, What is the angel investment, startup companies, how they helped, legislative review, the finance companies they provide and how much they have in common is how much they invest in sectors which provide ways to reach out to angel investors in our country, which is confusing as angel investors attention to issues regarding all of the questions will be written. But first of all, let's basically look at who the angel investors are.

Angel investors step, which provides a very important role in innovation, entrepreneurship, innovative business ideas for the future they had hoped she believed that just by not having capital, sectoral and occupational work experience that they have, connections with entrepreneurs in realizing a startup job by sharing project plays a role. In addition to providing finance, they aim to keep the chances of success of initiatives at a high level with this mentoring and networking step provided to entrepreneurs and which is as important as the source of Finance.

Therefore, when an entrepreneur is looking for an angel investor, he should not only focus on the investment and amount that the investor will make, but also choose according to the investor's business environment, connections, experience and knowledge.

In the international literature, the phrase called angel investor, business angel and converted to our language as a direct angel investor, business angel is included in the legislation of our country as an individual participation investor (BKY).

In order to encourage angel investment activities in Turkey, T.C. The original name of the regulation on angel investment, which is the main legislation issued by the Undersecretariat of treasury of the prime ministry, is also “regulation on individual participation capital”.

In accordance with the regulation, an individual participation investor refers to “real persons who transfer their personal assets and/or experience and experience to companies at the initial or growth stage”. Based on the definition of regulation, it should be noted here that angel investors in our country can only be real people.